Maynaguri College



Student Feedback



Roll No*


Academic Session*



Q. No. 1 : Your background for benefiting from the course was?*

Q. No. 2: Whether the course was conceptually difficult to understand?*

Q. No. 3: Did the teacher encourage student participation in class?*

Q. No. 4: Was the teacher?*

Q. No. 5 : What effect of you think the internal assessment will have on you Course grade?

Q. No. 6: How did the teacher provide feedback on your performance?*

Q. No. 7: Was there any opportunity for personal interaction with teachers?*

Q. No.8: What is your opinion about the library holdings for the course?*

Q. No. 9: The internal evaluation system as it exists is?*

Q. No. 10: How do you rate the student-teacher relationship in your department?*

Q. No. 11: How do you find the college administrative offices?*

Q.No.12: What about Recreational facilities?*

Q.No.13: What about Extra- Curricular Activities?*

Q.No.14: What about Sports facilities?*

Q.No.15: What about Canteen/Sanitation/Water?*


Teacher’s Feedback




Year of Joining*



Q. No. 1 : Syllabus is suitable to the course*

Q. No. 2: Syllabus is need based.*

Q. No. 3: Aims and objectives of the syllabi are well defined and clear to teachers and students.*

Q. No. 4: Course content is followed by corresponding reference materials*

Q. No. 5 : Sufficient number of prescribed books are available in the Library.*

Q. No. 6: The course/syllabus has good balance between theory and application.*

Q. No. 7: The course/syllabus has made me interested in the subject area.*

Q. No.8: The course/syllabus of this subject increased my knowledge and perspective in the subject area.*

Q. No. 9: The course/programme of studies carries sufficient number of optional papers.*

Q. No. 10: The books prescribed/listed as reference materials are relevant, updated and appropriate.*

Q. No. 11: Infrastructural facilities, such as teacher’s rooms/carrels, class rooms, reading rooms and toilets are available in the Department.*

Q.No.12: Staff canteen is available at the faculty level.*

Q.No.13: Tests and examinations are conducted well in time with proper coverage of all units in the syllabus.*

Q.No.14: I have the freedom to propose, modify, suggest and incorporate new topics in the syllabus.*

Q.No.15: I have the freedom to adopt new techniques/strategies of teaching such as seminar presentations, group discussions and learners’ participations.*


Alumni Feedback



University Roll No*

Pass Out Year*



Q. No. 1 : Admission Procedure*

Q. No. 2: Fee Structure*

Q. No. 3: Environment*

Q. No. 4: Infrastructural facilities*

Q. No. 5 : Faculty*

Q. No. 6: Project guidance*

Q. No. 7: Quality of Support material*

Q. No.8: Training & Placement*

Q. No. 9: Library*

Q. No. 10: Canteen facilities*

Q. No. 11: Hostel facilities*

Q. No. 12: Overall Rating of the College*

Q. No. 13: Alumni Association/Network of old friends*

Q. No. 14: What is the caliber of students passing out of this college*

Q. No. 15: How do you rate the course which are skills related suiting to the job*

Q. No. 16: How do you rate the learning experience in terms of their relevance to the real life application?*

Any Suggestion:


Employer Feedback From*


Employee Name*

Employee Designation*

Year of Feedback*


Q. No. 1 : General Communication skills*

Q. No. 2: Developing practical solutions to work place problems*

Q. No. 3: Working as part of team*

Q. No. 4: Creative in response to workplace challenges*

Q. No. 5 : Their planning and organization skill*

Q. No. 6: Self-motivated and taking an appropriate level of responsibility*

Q. No. 7: Open a new ideas and learning new techniques*

Q. No.8: Using technology and workplace equipments*

Q. No. 9: Ability to contribute to the goal of the organization*

Q. No. 10: Technical/knowledge skill*

Q. No. 11: Ability to manage/leadership qualities*

Q. No. 12: Innovativeness, creativity*

Q. No. 13: Relationship with seniors/peers/subordinates*

Q. No. 14: Involvement in social activities*

Q. No. 15: Ability to take up extra responsibility*

Q. No. 16: Obligation to work beyond schedule if required*


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